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EDGE Automation is made up of an experienced, dedicated team can perform onsite or remote service such as system updates, service repairs, application programming, installations, and other building automation needs

Nick Agganis

Founder / General Manager / Director Of Services

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With over 2 decades of experience in the world of building automation, Nick has acquired deep industry and system knowledge. His forward-thinking mentality combined with hard work, honesty, and dedication to service allows him to partner with clients to deliver solutions with great value and optimal performance that are built to last.  Nick’s guidance, mentorship, and demonstrated leadership skills make him an ideal manager for the services team.

Chris Robichaud

Founder / General Manager / Administration

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Chris has over 15 years of experience across legal, financial operations, strategic planning, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) within the services industry.  Demonstrated an excellent ability to look at sales and financial data to formulate strategies on how to improve business performance.  Familiarity with establishing and optimizing operational processes. Has in-depth knowledge of business and strategic planning for services’ organization. Executive-level experience dissecting business problems occurring internally and/or within a client and developing plans to remedy these issues.

Kevin Cheslofska

Co-Founder /
Technology Director

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Bringing 2 decades of experience in the electrical and building automation industry, Kevin has developed a reputation as being both dependable and understanding.

He has excelled in all stages of the industry from installation, programming, commissioning, project management and personnel management.

He prides himself on working closely with clients and leveraging his extensive field experience to deliver superior service of their building automation system.

His devotion to client success is second to none and he is rewarded by a client's trust. 


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