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In today's Internet of Things (IoT), there are complex interrelated networks of systems, machines, and devices with Building Automation Systems (BAS) being one such example. As a full-service systems integrator, our experienced team will support all of your building automation demands.

Our Services


A graphical interface designed to be used by a user of any level. Our intuitive design offers a comprehensive visual depiction of your system through a multi-layered web page. You get to choose exactly what you want to see – and hide what you don't. No matter your technical aptitude, we are committed to helping you effectively utilize your system...putting you back in control.

  • Easy-to-read monitoring

  • User-friendly setpoint and schedule changes

  • Custom apps to assist you with identifying and troubleshooting specific problems

  • Full access to advanced settings and manual overrides

  • An intelligible sequence of operations to help you understand how systems are intended to operate

  • Maintenance reminders and equipment notes to help you track, document, and setup a normal maintenance schedule



Information from a building automation system is often overwhelming and confusing. The size and complexity of these systems are growing exponentially - increasing the amount of effort and cost required to appropriately administer them. Improperly managed systems are vulnerable to undetected issues that could adversely affect a building system’s performance.

EDGE’s FDD analytic tool will alert appropriate staff of potential issues and guide them through remediation steps via a simple, intuitive illustration. Implementation of FDD can notify you of potential problems before they significantly affect system performance. This preventative maintenance can reduce energy costs and prolong the life of equipment. Our progressive approach to FDD will organize your alarm console making it easy for you to prioritize corrective actions.



Whether it's hardware deficiencies or software performance, our dependable service team is available for onsite or remote service. 

Ensuring that you have a complete, cohesive, and user-friendly system that you can use with confidence is our top priority.


  • Retrofits

  • New installations

  • Troubleshooting

  • Custom Applications

  • Design build

  • System Updates

  • Repairs

  • Maintenance

  • 24/7 Emergency Service (510) 649-5710



With our passion for delivering performance-based improvements to your system, we stay focused on delivering a reliable solution that meets your needs and objectives.

  • Analyze your current system

  • Create a custom strategy to upgrade your outdated system over time that is within your budget

  • Recommend a solution to optimize your current BAS

  • Serve as dependable advisors to your BAS needs

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to optimize system life cycle keeping you on the edge of technology.

EDGE Consulting
EDGE Service
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