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Building automation systems have evolved into highly complex systems. Through acquiring knowledge of all areas of the industry, we've realized that the immense amount of data that systems deliver can often be too difficult to understand. This often leaves users questioning their systems’ level of performance and creates uncertainty regarding the appropriate course of action when needed. We often find that this confusion leads to incorrect steps being taken which results in undesired consequences such as increased energy consumption, shortened equipment life, and building comfort.

EDGE Automation was founded as a full-service systems integrator with a focus on making automated HVAC control systems easier to use for everyone - so you can effectively use yours with confidence.

Our core values revolve around delivering results for our client. This client-centric mentality combined with our team’s level of experience allows us to provide a superior level of service absent of the typical barriers that impact client satisfaction. This approach has enabled us to develop and maintain long lasting client relationships.


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